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XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro most affordable display monitor for digital painting Review


Digital Painting is one of the most amazing technologies to hit the art world in centuries. It has affected the very way that people perceive and interact with information on a daily basis.

The graphics drawing pad tablet is a machine input gadget that allows a user to hand-draw images, animations, and graphics, with a special pen-like stylograph, as similar to draw images using a pencil and paper. These tablets are used to capture data or written signs.

The device built of a flat surface upon which the user may draw or copy an image using the attached stylograph pen-like apparatus. Some graphic tablets now also include an advanced LCD screen for a more realistic or natural experience.

Come in and enjoy drawing directly on the screen using already installed Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

Wacom is best company for drawing tablets. If you are just starting out then the XP-Pen brand is a good starting place, you can get them on online shop for under $50.

XP-Pen Deco series help you start drawing. not only drawing, but also photography, sketch and design. Deco series Graphic Tablet provide Battery-Free stylus. These are really affordable for starters in designing or online teaching profession.

Also, According to ratings one of the better display drawing tablets is the XP PEN Artist 12 Pro ( ) tablet. Basic and most affordable.

It comes with a fully laminated screen and 120% of sRGB colors in a very small, portable package.

Being able to power the tablet entirely through USB makes it both portable, and means that you don’t have unnecessary wires covering your desk.


The fully laminated screen means reduced parallax. The small screen also means that you can’t fully take advantage of the extra colors that this can display, but the screen is nonetheless excellent, and one of the best around in this budget category.

Excellent pen pressure and tilt performance, and very little noticeable lag, along with 8 customizable buttons and a red roller wheel.

 It's easy to recommend for professionals looking for a tablet to use when out of the studio, as well as to amateur artists and photo enthusiasts wanting to give a pen-tablet-based approach a try. 

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